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Flexi Add-ons

We offer three structured plans we think best suit most of our clients’ needs, but sometimes you may need just a little more than one plan offers, or a bit less than the next one up. If you feel that way too, these per-use add-ons might help you bridge the gap you’re facing.

Email Hosting

If you host your domain with us and you're in need of an official port of call that's tied to your domain, (like then look no further. Standard account size is 250MB, more is available for an increased cost.



per account

per month

Content Management

Keeping your website up-to-date is important, be it showcasing your latest campaign, newest product to push or most recent article to publish on your blog. We can do those tasks for you, on a per hour basis.



per hour

Content Writing

Updating a site with new content is half the battle, actually making the content is the other. We're proud to say that with each site we take on, we like to get to know what it's all about. So if you're in need of content being written for you, we can cater to that too.



per page*
There are extra services available for email hosting, such as custom forwarding, default routing and more, please get in touch, to find out more.

In order to ensure that your time is well spent with the content management add-on, we will contact you prior to starting your block of time to ask you to provide information. Please ensure you provide all details in a timely manner.

*Skur dictates a ‘page’ for content writing as 600 words maximum. This total cannot be carried over to another webpage and each page will be charged separately. Any amount over this limit will be charged as an extra page per 600 words.

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